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- 2022 / The Tenth Annual Scientific Conference “ The mental health of the Syrian family : Towards integrated mental health care ”

- 2021 / The Ninth Annual Scientific Conference “ Syrian's Psychological Needs and Long Term Mental Health for the Next Stage ”

- 2020 / The Eighth Annual Scientific Conference “ Psychosocial effects of the Syrian Crises : Mental Health of the Syrian Family ”

- 2019 / The Seventh Annual Scientific Conference “ Developing mental health services for Syrians and building capacity of mental health professionals ”

- 2018 / The Sixth Annual Scientific Conference “ Moving from crisis situation to sustainable services ”

- 2017 / The Fifth Annual Scientific Conference “ Mental Health for the Syrians from suffering to rebuilding ”

- 2016 / The Fourth Annual Scientific Conference “ Mental health care for Syrian refugees and internally displaced ”

- 2015 / The Third Annual Scientific Conference “ Towards Better Mental Health for all Syrians ”

- 2014 / The Second Annual Scientific Conference “ For better mental health care during crisis ”

- 2012 / The First Annual Scientific Conference “ Syrian people from pain to hope ”

The Recommendation letter from Prof.Dr Kemal Sayar

This is a recommendation letter from Prof.Dr Kemal Sayar the President of the Turkish Society of Psychopharmacology recommending SAMH 6th conference. And he is here with Dr.Mamoun Mobayed President of SAMH during their rescent friendly meeting in Istanbul.

The SAMH strongly condemns the attack last night (19/01/2018) on Ezaz Psychiatric Hospital

SAMH's was participate with ATHENS ANTI-WAR DECLARATION and the need for psycho-social care for the victims of wars

ANTI-WAR DECLARATION OF ATHENS - Endorsing organizations

Letter for Anti-war Declaration of Athens

The Cairo Declaration on the Mental Health of Refugees

On the occasion of the XXth World Congress of the World Federation for Mental Health on “Mental Health in Times of Crisis”, the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH), The Behman Hospital in Egypt, the Egyptian Society for the Rights of People with Mental Illness and the Gouna Technical Nursing Institute make the following Declaration on the Mental Health of Refugees:...

Launching the RCPsych Syrian Refugees Taskforce

The conflict in Syria, now in its fifth year, is unprecedented in the magnitude of humanitarian and public health catastrophe: more than 220 000 people are estimated to have been killed, most of whom were civilians with a high Proportion of women and children. An estimated 9 million Syrians have fled their homes and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates that more than 4 million have fled to Syria’s immediate neighbouring countries ...

Syrian Association for Mental Health is now a Voting Member of the World Federation for Mental Health